About 8 Frame Honey

Harvesting lavender by hand

8 Frame Honey is a small, family run beekeeping business located just north of Canberra. We are hobbyists, not mass producing commercial beekeepers. We provide hands-on, educational workshops that introduce people to bees, how to manage a hive or two at home and how to create bee friendly gardens.

Owner and apiarist, Ben, is a beekeeper, a trainer in the certificate III in beekeeping course and has had several beekeeping articles published in the Australasian Beekeeping Magazine. He has visited several countries to learn how beekeeping differs across continents and hemispheres. Ben believes in lifelong learning, working with nature instead of against it to better our lives and loves sharing his knowledge with others who are keen to listen.

Ben believes anyone can be a beekeeper. He teaches with a range of different hives so you can find one that best suits your needs and abilities.

We currently manage less than 50 hives which exempts us from completing the Biosecurity for Beekeepers Training Program. However, in his commitment to life-long learning and to improve his awareness of pests and diseases Ben has voluntarily completed the course. We extract our honey by hand. We strain the honey to remove impurities such as wax particles and then bottle it. Pure. Simple. Natural. We don’t heat our honey – a method that can reduce the good qualities of honey – for the sake of faster extraction. This is often done by larger honey producers as time is money and their business is honey orientated. Our business is education orientated. We are willing to take a little more time to extract the honey to ensure our customers receive honey in its purest form.

Besides for bees we also produce a small amount of lavender and billy buttons that are grown chemically free and sold within the local community.