8 Frame Honey is a small, family run beekeeping business located just north of Canberra. We are hobbyists, not mass producing commercial beekeepers. Our goals are to educate people on how important bees are to our food production and ecosystem and promote changes in human behaviour to help restore bee populations. We provide hands-on, educational workshops that introduce people to bees, how to manage a hive or two at home and how to create bee friendly gardens. If you would like us to visit your school and give a bee talk and demonstration send us an email via our contact form.

We keep bees ourselves – we started out with seven hives (six langstroth 8-frame hives and a top bar hive) and have been slowly building up our colonies since. As a result we have excess honey and beeswax which we turn into handmade products including wax blocks, reusable beeswax food wraps, candles and furniture polish. You can purchase these products from our online store here. Please note that our honey sells out very quickly. We only sell honey from our own hives and when the bees aren’t making honey (such as winter) we may not have any in stock.

We currently manage less than 50 hives which exempts us from completing the Biosecurity for Beekeepers Training Program. However, in his commitment to life-long learning and to improve his awareness of pests and diseases Ben has voluntarily completed the course.

We extract our honey by hand. We strain the honey to remove impurities such as wax particles and then bottle it. Pure. Simple. Natural. We don’t heat our honey – a method that can reduce the good qualities of honey – for the sake of faster extraction. This is often done by larger honey producers as time is money and their business is honey orientated. Our business is education orientated. We are willing to take a little more time to extract the honey to ensure our customers receive honey in its purest form.

Read about our educational workshops

To learn more about the workshops we run just outside of Canberra and 3 hours from Sydney visit our Beekeeping Workshops page.