We provide 5 hour beekeeping workshops aimed at teaching people how to keep bees at home

8 Frame Honey provide educational workshops with a focus on keeping bees at home. Handling bees for the first time is a mixture of excitement, fear, exhilaration and nerves. Our workshops provide you with enough information to set up and start managing your own colony of bees. They are hands-on, fun and educational. We run courses between October and March each year. Our bookings page has a calendar with available course dates. We put the dates for the new season up on the calendar in August. It also gives you a chance to have a late lunch at a local winery while you are in the area!

To ensure participants receive as much hands on time as possible we limit our workshops to a maximum of five people.

You will learn about the types of hives available, the main differences between hives, which hives are suitable for you, the protective equipment needed to start bee keeping, when and how to inspect your hive, what to look for and how to extract honey from your hive. The majority of the workshop is spent outside inspecting hives.

Two people inspecting a frame during a beekeeping workshop

Participants can expect to undertake several full hive inspections. This also includes assessing colony health and strength, disease checks and discussions about the resources available to the bees at the time. Each participant can expect to suit up in protective equipment (provided by us), open a hive, use a smoker to calm the colony (if required) and remove and inspect frames from the hives. Finally, if the bees have produced enough honey at the time of the workshop, participants are able to extract a frame of honey. This includes removing the wax cappings from the honey in the frame and assisting with the removal and straining of the honey.

Who enjoys our educational workshops?

There are many reasons people attend our educational workshops, below are some of the reasons:

  • People who have considered keeping bees at home. Learn about beekeeping before spending a significant amount of money setting up a colony
  • People who love honey and know it tastes better when it is produced at home or locally and isn’t heat treated
  • Parents and children who are bonding while engaging in a shared passion or learning a new hobby
  • People who understand how important bees are to our food production and want to help increase our bee populations
  • Couples looking for unique dating experiences
  • Gardeners who want to increase the yields of their own fruit and vegetable gardens
  • People who are fascinated by bees
  • People who want to an interactive and unique experience

Our workshops make great gifts!


Workshop location

We regularly run beekeeping workshops from our apiary in Bywong. Bywong is approximately 20 minutes north of Canberra, just off the Federal Highway. After you book your course and we receive your payment we send you a confirmation email. The exact address is provided in this email.

Beekeeping workshops don’t run between early April and September. The hives remain closed for winter during this period.

Book one of our courses from our online store here. We also offer gift vouchers or certificate to attend a particular course. These make perfect gift ideas for people who are passionate about sustainability, the environment or who prefer experiences of material gifts.