8 Frame Honey now offer a beeswax rendering service

Are you a hobby beekeeper living near Canberra? Do you have a pile of wax cappings you aren’t sure what to do with? 8 Frame Honey now offer a beeswax rendering service. We use a specifically designed 20L wax melter to melt beeswax cappings to produce clean wax ready for use in candles, salves, balms, soaps or any products you add your beeswax too.

Once you’ve kept bees for a year or so you end up with a sticky pile of wax cappings. A quick search reveals multiple ways to turn the sticky pile into beautiful clean beeswax (referred to as rendering). We have personally tried multiple options. This includes:

  • rendering beeswax in the microwave (highly effective until the microwave burnt out. Luckily it didn’t catch fire!)
  • solar melting
  • several variations of rendering wax on stovetops.

Almost every method involves sacrificing a substantial amount of money, gas/electricity, large cooking pot and a few other utensils to the cause. Then there is the time it takes to melt the wax down. Beeswax is highly flammable. Rendering is not a set and forget process, you have to constantly watch your pots to ensure the wax doesn’t bubble out and catch fire. Finally, it often takes several rendering attempts before all the honey and debris are removed from your wax and you are left with a usable beeswax block.

Rendering beeswax
This brood wax took three renderings to remove all the ‘slum gum’ from the clean wax.

For some people this whole messy process is a delightful part of beekeeping. For others, it is a time consuming effort that requires storing big, wax covered pots only for them to be brought out and used in frustration once or twice a year. If you fall into the latter camp then we have a solution for you.

Our wax cappings solution for you

8 Frame Honey now offer a wax rendering service. You provide us with your beeswax cappings and we use our purpose built wax melter to render your cappings into clean, usable blocks of beeswax. All you need to do is drop your beeswax capping off to us (in Bywong or at the Hall Markets most months) in a clearly labeled container. You will be notified when your clean beeswax is ready for collection. We also offer a pick up/drop off/ post back service for your convenience.  

Receive a discount when multiple rendering services are requested at once. Perfect for beekeeping friends and club members!

Beeswax blocks
Once rendered wax cappings can be used in so many amazing products!

Prices – 2019/20 season

We use a 20L wax melter which usually holds up to five hives worth of wax cappings.

Single order: $30 per wax capping rendering.

3 or more orders: $25 per wax capping rendering.

Please note: Brood wax requires 2 rendering treatments to produce clean wax.

Book your melting in today

To arrange a drop off or collection of wax cappings or for more information contact us HERE.

Thanks for reading, enjoy your journey!

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