Check your hives regularly!

Today’s article is a timely reminder to check your hives regularly – even when it’s over 35 degrees Celsius outside for 4 weeks in a row. Stick to your calendar of when to check and find a way to get it done or your procrastinating and the bees could make life hard.

Unfortunately I work my hives alone more often than not. As such, I have no photos of this experience but for any beekeeper out there, I’m sure you can imagine the kind of sticky situation I got myself into.

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Winter wrap 2018

This post briefly describes our 2018 winter successes and failures. 

We started winter with eight hives (our top bar hive, one single deep wooden hive, one single deep plastic hive, four double deep EPS foam hives and one triple deep EPS foam hive). Our goal was to over-winter five or more hives. We reached our target and managed to get seven hives through until spring. Only our own feeding mistake prevented us from a 100% over-wintering success rate.

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Summer Storms and Bearding

This blog describes how we would approach preparing our hives for impending summer storms in the future based on our experience of what was described before the event as a “10 out of 10 storm”. This information will be useful if you are a hobby beekeeper who has easy, regular access to your hive/s. If you have 50+ hives or your hives are not located on your property this information is worth considering but may be time consuming to implement.

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