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Thank you for joining our Beekeeping for Beginners online course.

We created the course with new, hobby beekeepers as our target audience. Additionally, we want to help make beekeeping as fun, cheap and rewarding for you as possible. We recently filmed the course in Canberra, Australia.

We designed this course to give you an overview of beekeeping. By the end of this course you will have a good understanding of the basics of beekeeping and will be able to go out and start your own beekeeping journey. We use language that is easy to understand. We aim to save you money, hopefully far more money than the cost of this course. You will learn what you do need to buy to set yourself up beekeeping and also what you don’t!

The course modules are:

  • Biosecurity requirements for beekeeping
  • Beekeeping equipment you need to get started
  • Sourcing your first colony of bees
  • Transferring your new bees into your hive 
  • Lighting your smoker
  • Hive inspections – videos walking you through top bar hives, Langstroth (which are also the same as Flow Hives) and Horizontal/Long Langstroth hives.
  • Bees and water
  • How to extract honey with less than $50 worth of equipment
  • Final wrap up 

Beekeeping courses, books and advice are usually targeted at commercial beekeepers. They are also trying to sell you their affiliated equipment. We are different! This course will give you the pros and cons of different types of hives and let you make an informed decision on what is best for you. Not only that, we are not trying to sell you anything and do not receive any financial incentives to promote any of the products in our course.

Finally, the course runs for almost 5 hours and your purchase enables you to access the course content for an entire year.

In-Person beekeeping course

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