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We are first and foremost a local beekeeping family. Our focus is on providing educational workshops that teach people about bees and how to become backyard beekeepers. We prioritise our bees’ health so we plant a variety of flora (that bloom across the seasons) to provide food for our bees. From some of these flowers we create beautiful handcrafted products.

We have planted four different varieties of lavender and currently have more than 600 lavender plants on our farm just outside of Canberra. Although not certified organic, our lavender is grown chemical free. When the bees have collected as much pollen and nectar from the lavender as they can we harvest the flowers by hand. After that, we dry them and turn them into wonderful handcrafted products. We handcrafted lavender products with love and care. Therefore, each product contains lavender buds harvested from our home grown, chemical free lavender plants.

Our products are seasonal and stock numbers are limited because we only use flora that grows on our farm. Below is a description of each product we handcraft and a link to our online store to purchase them.

Harvesting lavender by hand

Lavender bags

Our lavender bags are a lovely touch to add to your dresser drawers or linen cupboard. They provide a mild and pleasant floral scent. The lavender buds are a natural insect deterrent and rice helps absorb moisture, keeping your belongings fresh. When the lavender scent begins to fade gently massage the lavender bags to release more of the beautiful lavender aroma. We sell them in packs of 3 (10cm x 10cm) bags for $15.

Click here to purchase them from our online store.

Lavender eye pillows

Rest, relax, and recharge with our soothing lavender eye pillows. Each one contains hand harvested organic lavender, encased in a luxurious cotton cover. Eye pillows can be used at room temperature or chilled. When placing in the freezer, put the eye pillow in a plastic bag to preserve the natural lavender aroma. Lavender is known for its calming and soothing properties. Meanwhile rice is used to provide acupressure to the eye area to aid in relieving tension and revitalising vision. Dimensions are approximately 10cm x 25cm.

Our lavender eye pillows are $18 and can be purchased by clicking this link here.

Handcrafted lavender pillows

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