Online beekeeping course

Our online beekeeping course is finally here!

Our online beekeeping course brings all the information from our in-person courses and delivers it to you in short videos and key point summaries.

These days almost anyone can become a beekeeper. When you first start out the choices can be overwhelming and it is easy to overspend or buy products that are not the best for your needs and abilities.

This course was designed, filmed and edited by Ben the Beekeeper himself. Ben has almost 10 years beekeeping experience. He has owned anywhere from 10 to 46 hives at one time. He has been teaching people how to become backyard beekeepers for seven years, including teaching a certificate III in Beekeeping for a registered training organisation. Ben knows bees. His face-to-face students love his teaching style and passion for beekeeping. Now you don’t need to live near Canberra to access Ben’s knowledge! This online beekeeping course is perfect for people with no beekeeping experience and should be the first thing you buy when you start your beekeeping journey. This course also makes a fantastic gift for anyone you know who has an interest in bees, honey, sustainability or gardening.

Some of the things covered in the course

There are several types of hives available to suit people of all different abilities. This course walks you through the pros and cons of most types of hive available in Australia. The course goes through the equipment you need (and don’t need) to start beekeeping. We teach you how to source your first colony of bees and then transfer them into your new hive. We show you how to inspect 3 different types of hives. Then we teach you how to extract honey from beehives with $50 worth of equipment.

We have two aims for this course

  1.  By the end of the course you will have a good understanding of the basics of beekeeping. You will be able to go out and start your backyard beekeeping journey.
  2. To save you more money than the cost of this course. We do this by teaching you what not to buy when you first set yourself up as a beekeeper.

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Bees on a full depth frame