20 frame Slovenian AZ hive

$460.00 inc GST

20 frame AZ Slovenian beehive. This is a traditional Slovenian hive built by beekeepers in Slovenia for beekeepers worldwide.

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With an AZ hive you won’t lift a full super of honey ever again!

The 20 frame Slovenian AZ hive is single unit with two compartments/levels inside. Each compartment holds 10 frames (supplied) and is separated by a queen excluder. AZ hives are built from pine.

The hive is worked/inspected from the rear door and all frames are visible when the rear door is open. Frames are removed individually as required (as you would remove a book from a bookshelf). This is less intrusive for the bees and allows you to complete you inspections quicker. The bees are screened off at the rear with mesh screens that cover each individual level. There is room at the rear for feeders. Rear feeders greatly reduce the rate of robbing that occurs within an apiary.

The hives are usually built into a bee house or bee shed with only the front exposed. This means only the front of the hive requires painting. Being housed in a bee house allows you to conduct inspections regardless of the weather outside. Inspections of a Slovenian AZ hive are less stressful on bees compared to Langstroth hive inspections. Often bee houses are designed so the honey extraction equipment is located within the house. This saves time carting frames of honey from the apiary to the extraction site.


Increase your hive numbers while reducing the size of your apiary

Slovenian AZ hives can be stacked on top of one another and side by side. Therefore beekeepers can have larger apiaries within a smaller space. They are also ideal for building onto flatbed trucks to create a mobile apiary. This is a great option for beekeepers who offer pollination services or move their hives to follow different followers as they occur. In this way you no longer need a forklift to move your hives on and off of your truck, saving you lots of time and money.


Read our pros and cons list of Slovenian AZ hives, including why the initial expense of the hive is worth the investment, here.


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