5 hour beekeeping workshop

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Our in-depth 5 hour beekeeping course is designed for people who want to keep bees at home. Learn what you need to set up your apiary, experience inspecting an entire hive and receive personal advice on which hives best suit your needs and goals. Maximum number of participants just 5 people!

Please note: Courses recommence in October 2021. Dates for the season commencing October 2021 will be released in August. To book, select the number of participants you wish to book for then scroll through the calendar to October or the month you want to book in. Select a date in green then click on the start time that appears below the calendar. Finally hit the “book” button and make your payment.

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Please note: Courses recommence in October 2021. Dates for the season commencing October 2021 will be released in August.


This beekeeping workshop is 5 hours in duration. During this time we teach you about bees and how to begin keeping bees at home. We run this course with a maximum of 5 participants because we want you to spend time working the hives, not watching other people work them. In addition to suiting up in protective equipment you can also expect to:

  • Learn what equipment is essential to start beekeeping and what is not
  • Prepare, light and use a smoker
  • Inspect several full hives (usually two or three boxes with 8 frames in each box or a 28 bar top bar hive. We usually get through a minimum of 4-5 hives.)
  • Look for and attempt to identify the queen
  • Identify any honey, pollen, brood, pests and disease within the hive
  • Look at the different types of hives available and receive advice on which type of hive would be best suited to your needs based on your goals and physical abilities
  • Extract honey from the hive, harvest and┬ásample the honey and comb honey. Take home a jar of honey you have extracted (subject to honey being present in the hive).
  • Discuss bee-friendly plants in the local area

This beekeeping workshop is located in Bywong NSW. Our apiary is approximately 20 minutes from Canberra and 3 hours from Sydney.

Our workshops are designed for maximum hands-on time and mentoring. The majority of the course takes place at our beehives and also in the honey room. We believe in quality over quantity and want to tailor the experience to meet your needs. Therefore participant numbers are limited to a maximum of five people per workshop.

What to bring:

Protective gloves, suits and sunscreen are provided. Our protective suits range in size from kids to XXXL. Please wear enclosed shoes, boots are preferable. Long sleeved tops and pants are also recommended but not essential. Please bring a bottle of water. Finally, bees are attracted to sugar so bringing soft drink will tempt them inside your beverage!


Please note:

This is a beekeeping course therefore if you suffer from anaphylaxis or an allergy to bees or bee products we highly recommend you do not attend.
This course is for participants aged 14 years and older. Children under 16 require an adult participant on the course unless you obtain written approval from us prior to the course.

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