6 frame nuc box plans

$9.90 inc GST

Corflute boxes are okay for short-term transporting of smaller colonies. But you can raise colonies longer-term using these timber nuc plans. Use them for swarms, splits and over-wintering smaller colonies.

Our step-by-step instructions make it easy to build your own nuc.


Our 6 frame nuc box plans are now available online!

Give a beekeeper a corflute nuc, help them for a season. Teach a beekeper how to build their own timber nuc, help them for life. (Isn’t that how the saying should go?)

Do you need a nuc box to catch a swarm? Maybe you are going to split a colony? You can even use these timber nuc boxes to raise your own queens.


Our easy to follow nuc box plans will have your nuc ready to go in no time. And at less than half the cost of a corflute nuc they will pay for themselves in the first season.


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