Australian made Slovenian AZ hives

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Due to COVID-19 restrictions we are unable to source all the parts for AZ hives at this time.

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Australian made AZ beehives . These are a variation of the traditional Slovenian hive built by beekeepers in Slovenia for beekeepers worldwide. Get all the benefits of a traditional Slovenian AZ hive, modified for Australian conditions, while still using your full depth Langstroth frames. We are Australia’s original supplier of the AZ hives and the first company to build our own here in Australia!

Hives come with a queen excluder, internal feeder and screened bottom tray. Frames are not included. Our hives are supplied untreated. Therefore if they are being kept outside you will need to paint or stain the exterior of the hive prior to moving your bee colony in.

There is approximately a three to four week turn-around time for our AZ hives. You can contact us here if you would like to collect your fully assembled hives directly from our Bywong workshop as we offer a better price for local collection! We offer discounts for multiple hives purchased in the same transaction and shipped to the same destination. Contact us here for a quote!


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Australian made AZ beehives. All the benefits of traditional Slovenian AZ hives now designed to withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions and fit full depth Langstroth frames. Perfect for beekeepers wanting to convert their current Langstroth hive apiary to ‘no lift’ Slovenian hives. Never lift a full super of honey ever again!


FREE SHIPPING within Australia!

  • Are you restricted by the amount of weight you can lift?
  • Is your body slowing down after years of inspecting your beehives the ‘old’ way?
  • Are you looking to start beekeeping on a commercial scale and want to work smarter not harder?

Choosing AZ hives is choosing to put your health first, the bees’ health first and choosing to keep bees long into the future.

Australian made Slovenian AZ beehives are a single unit with two compartments/levels inside. Each level holds 10 full depth Langstroth frames. Hives come with a queen excluder, internal feeder and screened bottom tray. Frames are not included. Our hives are supplied untreated. Therefore if they are being kept outside you will need to paint or stain the exterior of the hive prior to moving your bee colony in.

Why choose AZ hives?

AZ hives are designed with bees and beekeepers in mind. Once in place you don’t need to lift anything heavier than a single frame full of honey, about 3kg, again. In contrast, a 10 frame Langstroth hive which requires you to lift multiple supers and/or boxes that can weigh up to 40kg every time you inspect your colony.

Save space

Typical Langstroth hives (the rectangular boxes that stack on top of each other) require you to store sticky, used boxes in your house or garage for months at a time. When frames and boxes aren’t in use on the hive they need to be stored in an airtight location in your house. Not ideal if you don’t have much space. However AZ hives don’t require you to store empty boxes when they aren’t being used because the hive is a single structure. Brilliant!

Save money

AZ hives are worked/inspected from the rear door and all frames are visible when the rear door is open. Frames are removed individually as required (as you would remove a book from a bookshelf). Consequently this is less intrusive for the bees and allows you to complete you inspections quicker. Rear mesh screens on each level of the hive prevent the bees flying out of the hive when the main rear door is opened. There is also room at the rear for an internal feeder. Furthermore internal feeders greatly reduce the rate of robbing that occurs within an apiary. They are also more economical than an external feeder. As a result of only being accessible to your colony internal feeders stop you from wasting money feeding other colonies.

Save time

The hives can built into a bee house or bee shed with only the front exposed. This means only the front of the hive requires painting, saving you time. As a result of being housed in a bee house you are able to conduct inspections regardless of the weather outside. Often bee houses are designed so the honey extraction equipment is located within the house. This saves time carting frames of honey from the apiary to the extraction site.

Less stressful for bees

Inspections of Australian made Slovenian AZ beehives are less stressful on bees compared to standard Langstroth hive inspections. We liken inspecting an AZ hive to temperature effects on your house. Opening a window (or removing a single frame from the rear of the hive) causes a minor temperature change inside. While in contrast, removing the entire roof of the house (lifting a box off to inspect a lower box) in much more noticeable. The temperature change is far more extreme. Therefore it takes the colony more time to recover and reset the temperature within the hive when inspecting Langstroth hives in comparison to AZ hives.

Increase your hive numbers while reducing the size of your apiary

Finally, a further benefit of Australian made Slovenian AZ beehives is they can be stacked on top of one another. You can also stand them side by side so you have a larger apiary within a smaller space. They are also ideal for building onto flatbed trucks to create a mobile apiary. These hives are a great option for beekeepers who offer pollination services or move their hives to harvest varietal honey. In addition we can modify the rear doors to ensure hives can be stacked firmly side-by-side for commercial operators looking to maximise space!


If you would like more information on why the initial expense of an AZ hive is worth the investment, read our pros and cons list of Slovenian AZ beehives here.


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