Bee Packages/nucs

$160.00 inc GST

Please contact as here if you would like to go on the waiting list for a nuc with delivery around late October 2020.

Need to fill a new hive with bees or replace a colony that has died? We breed queens with calm traits. This price is for pick up only. We do not ship our bees.

Out of stock


Bees for sale.

Please contact as here if you would like to go on the waiting list for a nuc next season. Nucs are expected to be ready starting from late October 2020.

Bees for sale! Ready for pick-up from approximately late-October onwards.

Are you just starting out beekeeping and need to fill a new hive with bees? Did you lose a colony of bees as a result of over-wintering issues and wish to replace it with another? Each year we offer a limited number of bees for sale in the form of nucs (short for nucleus). We sell langstroth nuc colonies. Our nucs are sold as 5 frame full depth nucs. We expect these nucs to be available from mid/late October onwards however this can change as a result of weather conditions. Therefore we keep our customers regularly updated on their nuc/s progress.


Preordering your nuc is the best way to ensure your will receive your bees early on in the season. Nucs are supplied on a first order-first fill basis. Nucs are collected from Bywong NSW around sunset so that all the bees from the colony have returned to the nuc. Finally, the queen will also be marked for easy identification.

If you wish to preorder a nuc please submit an inquiry via our contact store here. Please note we charge a $55 deposit on booking. In contrast, if you purchase through our online store prior to submitting an inquiry you will automatically be charged the full price.


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