Read what some of our course participants have said about our courses and their experience.

I just wanted to say thanks for a fabulous experience today and a very enjoyable session – I learnt SO much! Your passion and knowledge are inspirational. I can’t wait to get started. In the meantime I’ll be off to Ikea for bowls and pans and gadgets and I love how you have practical solutions for all that stuff instead of Rolls Royce fancy gear.

Julia March 2021 – 5hr beekeeping workshop

Hi Ben,

We booked an education workshop with Ben at 8 Frame Honey and it was fantastic. Small groups, after a short theory session it became very hands on as we inspected multiple hives in preparation for the cooler months. We covered off pros and cons on the various types of hives, and bee behaviour within them. Getting hands in the different types of hives allowed us to consider what type would suit us best. Other activities  included queen spotting, inspecting nucleus hives and how to identify pests and what actions to take. Ben is very knowledgeable, conscientious and is an easily approachable instructor. We walked away feeling confident that beekeeping is something that we will pursue.

Thanks very much Ben, we are very happy that we came to see you

Shane and Jackie March 2021 – 5hr beekeeping workshop

Hi Ben,

After attending the course, I’m feeling much more confident about being able to keep and care for bees. I was pleasantly surprised how hands on the course was, we really got up close and personal with the bees. I would highly recommend to anyone thinking about keeping bees or if you just want to learn more about these amazing insects!

Kylie and Ryan February 2021 – 5hr beekeeping workshop

Hi Ben,

Just a short note to say thanks again for a fantastic morning on Saturday.  It’s probably fair to say that this was the best Christmas present I’ve had in a very long while.  I’ve been regaling family and friends with tall tales and true of my legendary performance as a beekeeper, not to mention my bravery, and I’m pretty sure there’s not much that you told us last Saturday week that I haven’t passed on to them!  In short, an inspiring experience, many thanks.

Michael January 2021 – 5hr beekeeping workshop

Thanks for the session on Saturday. We thoroughly enjoyed our hands on learning journey with you – I appreciated your diligent approach, your care for the environment and your deep understanding of bees. We learnt so much.

Meg and Wayne November 2020 – 5hr beekeeping workshop

I have now completed 2 beekeeping workshops and Ben’s 5 hour course was the most educational. There was no expected level of knowledge, the day started with the basics and built from there and by the end of the 5 hours I had a better level of knowledge on how to maintain and care for a hive. The other stand out for me was the supervised hands on. The course was most worth while and I would recommend it to anyone.

Murray, October 2020 – 5hr beekeeping workshop

Brilliant relaxed informative hands on experience about all aspects of bee keeping for the beginners, loved the experience and would recommend to anyone interested in having their own bees. Thank you Ben, I came away excited to think I could manage my own beehive with your ongoing advice if needed!

Karen, March 2020 – 5hr beekeeping workshop

Hi Ben , We just wanted to say thanks again for a great bee keeping course. We really enjoyed your honest and practical approach to the training. It was informative, practical and very hands on, which is what we both needed. The course exceeded our expectations and hopefully has given us the confidence to successfully start our bee keeping journey.

Deb and George, October 2019 – 5hr beekeeping workshop

Hi Ben…it was the best day attending your 5hr hands-on workshop. The workshop is so practical and useful. I have been to information sessions on having beehives, I have done some reading but nothing comes close to actually donning a protective suit, using the smoker, using the hive tool and inspecting the hives. Thank you so much for such a useful and practical course in a lovely environment with your lovely bee office, a cuppa, honey tasting and honey to take home after a simple extraction process.

Sharon, October 2019 – 5hr beekeeping workshop


Today was one of our most informative and productive for some time. A relaxed day full of information and plenty of hands on experience in opening up, inspecting, maintenance and installing frames in 5 hives. We also had an opportunity to inspect many different hive configurations and hive types. We were pleasantly surprised at the ease of operations and the calm nature of the bees. The honey tasting was unexpected and greatly appreciated. I was particularly taken with the Chestnut flower honey from Italy. We will be in touch once we have decide on the type of hive we need. Once again thanks for a great day.

Colin, October 2019 – 5hr beekeeping workshop

Thanks Ben for giving us a real, informative and practical introduction to beekeeping! It was great to see an honest lesson in beekeeping for better and worse. In the end we left confident we had the knowledge to start our own hive and a jar of amazing honey to remember why bees are awesome!

Dan & Cettina, January 2019 – 2.5hr beekeeping workshop

Thanks very much for today. I think you have created a new beekeeper or two.  It was a great session today, very interesting, very well presented and enjoyable. Best wishes for the move.

Tim, January 2019 – 5hr beekeeping workshop

Hi Ben,
Thank you so much Cathy and I had such a great day and experience. I know I’m going to talk about it for ages. I can’t wait to retire and get my bee hives. I just can’t express the wonder of the experience. I can’t wait to have my own bees making a difference to the garden and orchard and seeing the impact they will have. Thank you again.

Irene and Cathy, November 2018 – 5hr beekeeping workshop

My experience with 8 Frame Honey has opened my eyes to the wonderful world of Bees. I have wanted to get involved in beekeeping for some years but the time was never right. I stumbled on to 8 Frame Honey by chance, I did my training and am now looking forward to being a beekeeper. I found my training with 8 Frame Honey a joy, a very young company but professional in every way. My training consisted of some theory but mostly hands on with the bees, I was dressed in the appropriate clothing and nothing was left to chance. I highly recommend this training with 8 Frame honey. I now feel part of the beekeeping family with all the support I will need on my adventure.

Faye, November 2018 – 2.5hr Introduction to beekeeping workshop

Hi Ben,
Harry and I would like to thank you for such a informative and really enjoyable 5 hour bee course. Thank you for being flexible and organising a time to suit us. We thoroughly enjoyed the jar of honey we harvested that day and now are eagerly waiting to harvest our own.

The course you provided gave us the confidence to look at our bees and understand a little about what we are looking at. It was interesting seeing different sorts of hives, I had only seen the traditional hives.  We have a better understanding of lighting the smoker, which seems a technique all of its own.  The nuc we sourced from you are so quiet, and have multiplied rapidly.  We can waste a lot of time watching the bees working away.
Thank you again.

Sarah and Harry, October 2018 – 5hr beekeeping workshop